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Setting Up and Registering a Home Page on


General Information

The goals of this project are to provide an easy and convenient way for users and groups in the ISU community to publish documents on the World Wide Web.


PLEASE NOTE: By registering a user or locker, you are implicitly granting permission to use your REAL NAME and electronic mail address in the directory of homepages. If you do not wish to have this information available, do not register for this service.
For example, a user entry will look similar to this:
sqpub -- Susan Q. Public
A locker entry will look similar to this:
public -- The "public" software locker (, Susan Q. Public)

To register, go to ASW and complete the registration procedure.

Forming URL's on

After your account or locker has been registered with, there is a file-system to URL mapping that works as follows:

Example 1

/home/username/WWW/homepage.html ->

/home/lockername/WWW/homepage.html ->

Example 2

/home/username/WWW/homepage.html ->

/home/lockername/WWW/homepage.html ->

Example 3

/home/username/WWW/dir1/file1.html ->

/home/lockername/WWW/dir1/file1.html ->

Note that the URL "" will automatically pick up the file "homepage.html". The file "homepage.html" will be the "homepage" for the User- and Locker-Served directories.

Uploading Files

Files may be uploaded using any client that supports the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Examples of such clients include: Connect using the following information:
    User/Login: your_NetID
    Protocol: sftp (NOT ftps)
Remember: pages are served from the WWW directory.

The Webfile service provides a web-based interface for accessing AFS file space.

Where To Go For Help

User- and Locker-Served HTML Document Service ( Information